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Welcome To The History Of Port Fairy

Step aboard! You’ve set sail for Port Fairy. The seas are calm and you have landed safely ashore.
Join Leonie Needham, your tour guide. She will arouse your curiosity with tales of the discovery and development of this captivating, historic coastal town.

Leonie’s book is available for download in PDF at $14.95. It contains the unique story of James Atkinson who invested time and money to build a town. Colourful vignettes of the early pioneers who joined him in these endeavours are inspirational for us as we navigate life in the present time.

Beyond the beauty of the waterways, the ocean and the stunning landscapes are the quaint stone cottages and heritage listed buildings that give testament to the skill and resourcefulness of the early inhabitants.

Read of the exploits of the whalers and sealers, the engineering abilities of the stonemasons and builders, and laugh at enterprising shopkeepers and publicans. You will be prompted to plan a Port Fairy experience and explore all that you have read about in Leonie’s illustrated account.